Restaurants Online Capability Enhanced With Mobile Facebook Pages and Open Table

Restaurants need to continue to provide top services to their customers if they expect to make a name for themselves, or keep the one that they have made. In order to appeal to more customers, you need to use what is out there. This includes online services and what is possible with social media, something that Facebook understands wholly. While many restaurants are already making use of what is currently […]

Powering Social Media : A Lead Player in Social Media and Business Marketing

Social media refers to the interactions amongst organizations, communities and individuals in which they create, share and exchange information and ideas. This is a group of internet-based paltforms allowing the creation and exchange of user-generated content. It depends mainly on mobile and web based technologies to create highly interactive platforms. Unlike traditional media, social media deviates itself in terms of quality, reach, frequency, usability, immediacy and permanence. The modern world […]

The Ever Evolving World of Social Media

  Social media is continuously changing the way that it works and looks. In order to stay relevant and to give people what they need, it has to go through constant updates. Sometimes, these updates are not even going to be noticeable to you. This may be simple added functions or even increased privacy, along with many other changes that can happen. There are also the major things that go […]

How To Use Hashtags to Increase Likes on Facebook

Facebook has recently implanted the use of hashtags into its social networking service. Similar to Twitter and other social networks, the hashtags can be used on individual posts. Hashtags tend to be a word or phrase associated with that particular post. For example, if one were to post about what they had for dinner, the hashtag of “#delicious” might be used to bring further attention to the post. Previously, hashtags […]

How to Make Pinterest Work for Your Business

It was only a matter of time before Pinterest followed in Facebook and LinkedIn’s footsteps. This month, Pinterest has revealed a brand new platform for business accounts, complete with tons of how-to’s and educational content specifically geared toward business accounts. Whether you’re brand new to Pinterest, a social media platform that acts as a virtual pinboard of cool ideas and lifehacks, or you need to convert your personal Pinterest account […]

Using Ezine Articles in the New Google Penguin Paradigm

If you’ve been or other article directory sites for the past few years in order to increase your website’s SEO, the latest changes from Google Panda and Penguin may have you rethinking your marketing methods. The premise behind sites like Ezine Articles is that online marketers can submit original articles, or use articles submitted by others, to create backlinks to their websites. Before the launch of Google Panda in […]

How to Create Global Pages for Facebook

If you’re marketing to an international audience, it’s imperative to make the switch to Facebook’s new Global Pages feature. Global allows fans to view yours in their language, as opposed to the language you created it in. It also allows you to create market-specific content that is tailored toward fans in different countries and geographic locations. According to Josh Constine of TechCrunch, “an English version’s cover might say ‘Hello’ while […]

Does Facebook or Pinterest Rule Visual Content Marketing?

Visual content isn’t just the most popular way to share content on major social networking sites, it’s becoming the only way. A picture is still worth a thousand words, and users can easily  process the  relevance and value of content at a glance. For the online marketer, this could easily translate to more content creation, more time invested, and more social sites to babysit. You may be wondering, “Do I […]

Generating Back Links To Launch Awesome Search Engine Rankings

A business website can make your business visible to millions of internet users and help to bring in new customers on a regular and continual basis. For all this to happen, you need to promote your website and improve your search engine rankings. Commenting on blogs is one of the proven ways that can quickly improve your rankings across all major search engines. Only having a well-designed website with compelling […]